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Air Abrasion

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Have you always wondered if there was a way to remove tooth decay without dealing with many of the struggles of conventional treatment methods?

Your days of waiting and wondering are over, meet the new technology of air-abrasion! If you’ve ever used a sandblaster for removing things such as graffiti/vandalism, it is essentially the same processing. Although with the air-abrasion you’re removing the vandalism you’ve done in your own mouth.

Hey Dr. Tinney, is air abrasion for me? Believe it or not we can safely say YES, air-abrasion is a good option for anyone who has anxiety towards needles, drills and other dental office equipment that triggers anxiety. This amazing technology, however, is not an alternative for every single procedure we perform. For treatments in our office such as bridges, onlays, inlays and crowns, a dental drill may be used.

This air-abrasion technology offers a great painless alternative and many of our patients are taking advantage of Dr. Tinney’s expertise and extensive training in the dental air-abrasion techniques. If you’re considering removing the plaque from your mouth in the most effective and painless manner, call us today to set up your no charge consultation!