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Teeth Whitening

“How can I get my teeth whiter?”

“Spruce-it up” (with tooth whitening)
The best way to supercharge your smile, by far, is bleaching or teeth whitening. Bleaching is safe, non-invasive and low cost! Results are fast!

A dentist-supervised program of whitening achieves the best result.

  • Dentist prescribed bleaching gels are not available in stores. Our whitening agents vary in concentration from 10% to 38%.
  • Custom fit bleaching trays are fabricated for you by qualified technicians.
  • Your dental providers will assist you in selecting the most effective gels and techniques to achieve your whitening goals.
  • Some patients experience hypersensitivity while bleaching. Several desentizing techniques are available. Your professionals are available for follow up care whenever it is needed.

How does tooth whitening work?

The most common method of whitening is “at home” bleaching. It also is most cost effective.

  • When your customized trays are delivered you’ll receive all necessary instructions. Final fit of your trays is verified and your gels dispensed.
  • Some systems are made to bleach while you sleep. These work 10 – 14 days.
  • Other systems bleach for 30 minutes or from 1 – 4 hours a day. Whitening can take between 7 – 14 days!

Another method of tooth whitening is “in office” bleaching.

  • A special liquid resin shroud is painted over your gums and solidified to place by light polymerization. This protects your gums from bleaching gel.
  • Non-light activated bleaching gel is applied to your teeth for 1 hour.
  • Results are immediate. Additional whitening continues for 24 hours.
  • Many patients also follow – up on the same day with “at home” bleaching for extra whitening results.

We encourage you to select a tooth whitening program that most efficiently meets your time line and whitening goals.

More on Teeth Whitening

My favorite product to use for teeth whitening is Opalescence. Its a bleach only product, no light activation of any kind. Its safe, does an awesome job and has less hypersensitivity than other systems (we’ve tried many).

We offer it as a one hour in-office service and/or as a take home system in a variety of strengths to fit any need a patient may have.

I’ve used both light activated and non-light activated bleaching techniques.

I could charge more by using light activated teeth whitening techniques. But I just havn’t seen a significant advantage in using them.

We get equal results

  • Even patients can’t see the difference between light activation and non-light activation
  • Its safe, predictable, proven, has less hypersensitivity
  • And research supporting light activation is
  • controversial

Safety and simplicity of the technique is important to us. Light activated whitening adds another variable in the technique. Most offices have no difficulties with adding light activation. I just don’t like it. It is possible to sustain injuries from light activation.