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Full and Partial Removable Dentures

Three Types of Dentures 

For people who have lost teeth, there are basically three types of removable appliances to choose from:

  1. Full Removable Dentures
  2. Partial Removable Dentures
  3. Root or Implant Borne Over-Dentures

Getting a New Full Removable Denture 

Here’s what to expect when you elect to have new dentures made to replace of all of your natural teeth.

1) First, the Dentist will examine your mouth and your existing dentures, take necessary x-rays and any other diagnostic records.  We look for changes in the condition and shape of your “denture bed”:

  • Is there any disease condition in the mouth requiring treatment before  dentures are made?
  • Are there any bony irregularities? Any muscle attachments that may interfere with denture stability? Any loose soft tissues? Are the upper and lower jaws in favorable relationships?
  • The height, width and firmness of your ridges are evaluated.
  • Is there a need for improvement of your ridges. Ridge augmentation is a procedure to enhance ridge stability for dentures .
  • For upper dentures, does the roof of your mouth (your palate) have a deep or shallow vault? Is it narrow or wide? Shallow, narrow upper jaws are more difficult to stabilize.
  • Is there a gag reflex?
  • Is the lower jaw and ridge of good height, width, firmness and shape?
  • What problems might you have had with previous dentures?
  • Careful examination, diagnosis and planning allows us to create dentures with optimal support, better stability (minimizing right-to-left and front-to-back movements of denture bases) and good retention (stop dentures from coming loose).

2) Once diagnosis and treatment planning are completed, the dentures are made. We create dentures in 5 steps:

Appointment #1, Initial impressions of the “denture bed” (your jaws). We construct custom trays for the next round of impressions. This allows for greater accuracy of impressions.
Appointment #2, Final impressions 
Appointment #3, Wax bite rims. Denture bases have been fabricated by the lab and wax rims have been made for taking jaw relation records. No teeth are in the wax rims at this time. Wax rims record the desired jaw relationships for the final dentures and desired positioning of denture teeth for optimal cosmetics and function.
Appointment #4, Wax Denture try-in. This is a denture try-in, a preview of the dentures’ function and cosmetics prior to finalization.  The denture bases with denture teeth embedded into wax are tried in the mouth. You have the opportunity to make as many changes as you like at this time. You may have as many try-ins as you need, until the wax-try-in dentures meet with your expectations for comfort, function, cosmetics and speech. Dentures are sent to the lab for final processing after your acceptance of the wax try-in dentures.
Appointment #5, Final denture delivery. Your dentures are finished and delivered to you, adjusted as needed.