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The office of Dr. Thomas Tinney is offering something special for all patient’s who have high-fear and high-anxiety when it comes to receiving dental treatment of varying degrees. Throughout the years we’ve noticed more and more patient’s coming into our office with high-fear towards treatment which is why we’re offering free sedation with treatment!* ($2000 minimum)

Dr. Thomas Tinney’s office is the leader in sedation dentistry for the Northern California area and is proud to offer the most professional and caring atmosphere while you receive treatment. Imagine sleeping through your next dental visit, only to wake up rejuvenated and with the beautiful bright white smile you’ve been dreaming of! There’s no need to fear the dentist anymore with the very best in sleep dentistry technology at your fingertips, call the office of Dr. Thomas Tinney today to take advantage of this limited-time offer!


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*with minimum $2000 treatment